About us

R.M.T was founded in the year 1985 by skilled specialists in the nucleus field, and
specializes in diverse treatment with radioactive materials. Our company collected
during the years alot of experience and knowledge in dealing with and treating of
radioactive matters.

R.M.T is known as the largest private company in the nucleus field in Israel,

authorized by:    
-The Atomic Energy Commission in Israel
-The Ministry of Environmental Protection
-The Ministry of Transport
-The Ministry of Economy

Our employees are authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration to export radioactive materials by air.

R.M.T has a large variety of clients. Our company gives its services to the leading firms in all fields. R.M.T provides consultation and treatment for industry plants, hospitals, private clinics and biotechnology firms in Israel and for big enterprises abroad which have their branches in Israel.
Among our clients are listed companies such as:

Mezada, Lapidot and Isramko which deals with oil finds, Johnson & Johnson, Nordion, Lavi company, ICI, and many more.

The clients of R.M.T enjoy services as:

Authorized Radiation Analyst-authorized laboratory:

In the year 1999 R.M.T was recognized as an authorized laboratory to run checks on all institutes which handle radioactive materials and radiation sources, and is permitted to recommend renewal of the license "B"- which is the highest level within the ministry of environment and the ministry of transportation.

Our laboratory also offers the following services:

X-ray devices examination, iron and metal waste controls for export matters, employees guidance, writing safety plans, Risk evaluation, writing of work regulations, radiation safety consultancy, radiation and shield calculation, characterizing demands for the establishment of laboratories and facilities which deal with radioactive materials, radiation sources, particle accelerators and Cyclotrons, establishment of diagnostics institutes and PET.CT laboratories,till the receiving of all the appropriate permits.

R.M.T is known as certificated guidance institute



Radioactive materials transport of all kinds to hospitals and diagnostic institutes as: heart chartingmaterial (T1-201),Bone charting materials (Tc-99), thyroid gland charting materials (I-131 and for children I-123), prostate cancer treatment materials (I-125 seeds and PL-103) and all the other radioisotopes.

Radiation sources transportation:

Radiation sources transportation such as radiography sources, density, humidity,height meters. Ir-192 sources for patients treatment during catheterization, Ir-192 sources for treatment of subcutaneous cancer and the variety of radiation sources which arrive to Israel.

Highly powerful radiation sources transportation:

Highly powerful radiation sources transportation such as: blood radiation machine (Cs-137 and Co-60 sources with activity of 3000-4000 Ci [Curie]), radiation machines for cancer patients (Co-60 source with activity of 12,000 Ci ), sources used to neutering in “shor-van” factory (Co-60 sources with activity of 200,000 Ci  for any transport).

Our company holds any needed equipment for transport such as: authorized vehicles for transport of radioactive Materials, authorized semitrailers with cranes for transport of highly powerful radiation sources.



Import of radioactive materials:

R.M.T specializes in releasing of radioactive materials and radiation sources that arrive to the air-/sea ports. Our employees have entrance authorization to radioactive warehouses and are authorized to releasing of any radioactive sources.

Export of radioactive materials:

R.M.T specializes in dealing with the necessary paperwork for exporting of radioactive materials (MSDS, Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods), and in preparing the packets which are designated for export (stickers, radiation measurements and activity calculation).

Waste removal:

Our  company  holds a radioactive waste removal services. The service lower  the removal prices for all the companies and factories which work with radioactive materials and radiation sources and shorten the removal process. We give unique, fast, and efficient service with low costs.

F.D.G marketing:

F.D.G (a radioactive substance or tracer) is the newest state-of-the-art in detecting cancer tumors in the whole body, is marketed by R.M.T from, the Cyclotron unit at Hadassah Ein-Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, to all other big hospital in Israel.